1. a slim hardwood spear with an iron tip, especially as used by southern African tribesmen
    • 1922: A birdchief, bluestreaked and feathered in war panoply with his assegai, striding through a crackling canebrake over beechmast and acorns. (Joyce, Ulysses)

7 letters in word "assegai": A A E G I S S.

No anagrams for assegai found in this word list.

Words found within assegai:

aa aas ae aegis ag aga agas age ages ags ai aia aias ais as asea ass assai ea eas egis es ess gae gaes gas gases gi gie gies gis is sae sag saga sagas sage sages sags sai saiga saigas sais sea seas seg segs sei seis si sis